Friday, June 19, 2009

take your time...

alhamdulillah..i've sat for 3 papers already...for maths 108..its quite challenging to answer some of dat questions...for JAVA, i think lecturers are trying to help us, thats why the questions are not so difficult juz like the past year question...which was i've tried to do that past year paper before and once i read the question....clueless!!!
eventhough for this year the type of the questions are easier than before, i'm still not so confident about the final mark that i'll get soon...*sigh*

then about engineering paper...hmm...its so hard to predict what's gonna happen about that paper...bcoz the assessment for the engr subject, majority of it comes from the assignment..n the final exam is juz about 25%...but then it can also determine ur total mark, either ur gonna get A+, A, A-, B+, B and so on...

and now i'm preparing for the physic paper..h0h0,still doing revision in chapter of term plan is to do some past year paper...maybe tomorrow...but many of my friends told me that the past year paper is damn difficult!!aiyo...hmm..camner ni...then tonight...after getting bored..yer dr ptg je...sobri asked me " jom pi city? leh rsa gak -4 celcius ni camner rsanyer..hehe.."

i answered " jom!!!"

[sobri pretending as a kiwi guy..x tahan sejuk konon..ceh..!hehe]
then...drop by at denny's, one of da 24 hour cafe here...makanla sket...sambil lepak2 n chatting with my my friends...pas 2...balik..tdo..zzzZZZZzzz... to get into the right track!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


assalamualaikum n gud morning!!
today is my first day of final examination i would like to apologize to whom might be hurt his/her feelings...i dont know coz i'm a human being...easy to make to all buddies...wish me best of luck!!