Sunday, May 31, 2009

mixed of emotion

this weekend...i'm gonna feel like there is a brighter day is waiting for me..a day which gives me a hope...y i'm saying this kind of matter..haha..coz i 'm stressed a little bit rite now..juz finished my engineering group assignment,which is all about to invent a wireless sensor network...yeah,all of us managed to solve all obstacles that we had during finishing the assignment...everyone had given best effort..but there was a kiwi like really luv to show that he knew all of stuff bout this assgment...poyo giler...juz like spreading words which i think that it was totally not meaningful at all...buang air liur je..hehe...but there was also a kiwi guy,even his hair like 40 hari x mandi,but this guy was better compared to that guy before...juz giving his opinion during a rite time...and doing all works effectively...haha...but its ok..coz everyone hev to assess each members of da group...hopefully our project would be given high mark la...penat dow bwat all these stuff...but then..there is another assgnment; stucking in my
mind rite now...its all about JAVA programming!!!!!

but basically, i got to use this software to create a pc game!!

its all bout battleship game...and there are juz a few classes that i still not have finished doing that..hopefully i could compile all da codes and run the game...and hope diz assigment will help to boost my com sc mark...hopefully...juz cant wait for this sem to be finished soon...and hope for da new sem, i'll become juz like razi as before...