Thursday, March 26, 2009

what does flower mean?

[ shot from my fon camera-still dunt get dslr yet..hehe]

i dont know how could i post this such matter..but its ok...seems i got some time 2 discuss with u guys...lets share da opinion of everyone who read this post..
Flower is one of creature which is created by God that can give a lot of meanings, depends to the person on how he or she interprets of this creature.
For me, flower can give one new dimension to the people who loves to take care of this creature. Colour of petals and scent of flower make people realise that there are many things that can be discovered from this kind of plant. It can change mood of people, for example from being angry to be calm..and can also make people happy when they got flowers from da person that she loves(auntie dila, u got 2 be
One of my friend, Sobri loves gardening. What does make him to be able to garden every single evening? I also dont know,but for me...i have nothing in gardening's skill..haha.. so guys...let share some opinion?;-)

Friday, March 13, 2009

purse tagging or wallet tagging?

someone tagged me..acap,my fwen..huhu..ok,so i've juz finished my claz for 2day.. got nothing to do rite now..ok,lets start now!

1. Snap the picture of both inner and outer of your purse
2. Introduce your purse brand, price and where you bought it
3. Take out what ever is inside your purse

1st of all..


its brand is kaufmann..i dont know wats da price of this wallet..because someone special gave this wallet 2 me as a present..yup! she's my beloved mom!

3rd ...

these are da only cards dat i got in my wallet..m'sia ic,uni ic,apartment card,debit n credit card, cmsa card etc..

so dats all dat i can share with u guys!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

thinking bout time dat has gone...

now is march..

then april..




time is running so fast..

we juz know dat we r da person who love to waste our time..

have we ever been thinking bout..

how we'r gonna maximise our time?


i'm givin a reminder to myself...

Monday, March 9, 2009

football,basketball,badminton,frisbee..what else?studyla!!

Autumn is coming..but then? i'm still busy playing football,basketball and other bout my study?huhu..i've juz finished doing my physics quiz..damn!dat result disappoints me!i need to study hard...plz fakhrur..catch up all that u've studied before..dunt play too much..eventhough u'll play for the football club!(hehe,joined football league campaign in christchurch!)
ok, i wanna wish one of my friend dat juz celebrated her birthday..again and again i repeat the same ur best in ur spm!!study hard!!dunt think bout watever matters which are bothering ur mind rite now!!clear ur mind with any kind of relationship!plz..hehe..dont get into any serious relationship..u r still young my friend..ok? bout me?yeah..too long for being single..?but i prefer to be single rather than having relationship without any purpose in my life..maybe because of i'm a little bit older rite now?..yeah..wats da point of having a relationship if dat person doesn't know wat will be going on for the next few years?..
hmm..but i think i've found someone who has a purpose,target,aim,destination in her's too early to reveal about that person...but i can feel something different when i've a chat with her..yup,she sometimes realizes me that life is not easy as wat we thought before..hmm..i admire her..for a long time i didn't meet with any girl who has that characteristic juz like her..i hope that one day,when i'm fully prepared,cert of Bachelor of Elec.Power(Hons) in my hand,i'm gonna tell her about all of this matters..hopefully...