Wednesday, February 25, 2009


[ ilam field ]

fuh..after a long time i dont play football @ field in i've done it!!
coz in sunway,majority of students that use da field for football game are "org kulit hitam" and they "conquer" da sad..
but here,we can play with malaysian,singaporean n some of them come from germany..
i dont see anymore "org kulit hitam" sharing da field with us here(ceh,racist giler bunyi..hihi)
after playing football,i got into the next game which is frisbee!i'm pretty sure if one of my friend which is auntie dila also starts playing this kind of game...fuh!!confirm turun berapa kg ni...hehe..lot of sorry for dila..i dont intend to mention ur name..but since u always said to me,"razi,ak chubby ke x?"..

so,to be a friend who loves to inspire u,tlgla..maenle frisbee 2...

Sunday, February 22, 2009


2day was not like da prog 2 do..
so,taking bus 2 brighton was quite a long journey..
ceh,wat letih je..
but once arrived,all of tiredness are juz disappeared...gone by da wind of the beach..
its such a beautiful beach...
c'mon,let me show some pics...

[ juz arrived ]

[ my lunch - c0oked by nia ]
[ hehe, smile! ]

[ who create diz?? ]

[ why dat little gurl doesn want 2 l0ok @ my camera?? ]

Saturday, February 21, 2009

nothing to do today

wake up diz morning..
(already enrolled,card is made already,wat else???)
so,juz wake up..n taking a bath.......
then i asked nia..

razi : kiter nak watper arini?
nia : bkn ke smayang jmaat ke arini?
razi : haahla...ish2,baeknya nia igtkn ak yer...
nia : besela, tgk la saper
razi : xper,nnti klau ko terlupe ak igtkn ko lak..

forgot dat today was Friday...
got da Friday rushing to the mini musolla...n performing da solat with the other muslim students...
hmmm...then i was thinking bout my subjects that i've enrolled...y dont i change my mecha subject to computer science?i've already learned cs's juz bout da coding,JAVA n everything...
hmm...think....think....think razi...
u juz got only two days 2 decide...
how if the mecha sbjct is suck???
ok,i'll be thinking bout that...

Friday, February 20, 2009

here r some pic in christchurch city...
tgh tggu tram..

river within chrictchurch city

cathedral square

relax2 lepas masak,hehe

in christchurch..

Now, i've been here for almost 5 days..
met da seniors, met new friends..
they r c0ol!hopefully my life here will be great..
so, here are the places dat i have been..
hmmm...actually christchurch is not bad as i thought b4...
classic building,historical church, friendly people..
so, good impression starts buzzing in my mind..
so next week my class will start as well as the other students are starting to return back to the campus...
so,hopefully i'll catch up as fast as i could...
ok, dats all i guess...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bubye Malaysia!

this evening i'll be taking off to auckland..then heading to christchurch..all of the other scholars are already there..but only the YTN scholars are still here..wanna know why??
coz we're not the person who love to rush..haha..chill la wei!!
so,bubye to my family, friends, and those who know me??
thanx a lot!!
c yaa!!